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"See my pet Beetle," said small girl who has a curl.

"Get a skunk," said tall guy with a tattoo.

"Get a cat'" said women wearing a head scarf.

                 Beetle spit up a hairball.


"Yuck, get something loveable," said big sister with a scowl.


But on this day something was different, on this day she heard a small little cry.



Anna looked down, way down deep into the dark black crack.



Anna heard a small little cry coming from a deep dark black crack.




"I can help," said Anna, "I can help you out. Don't be afraid, hop on, hop on my finger," said Anna.




"Hop on my finger and hang on tight, hang on very tight," said Anna.




"I'm ROY G BIV, named from the colors in a rainbow. R for red, O for orange, Y for yellow, G for green, B for blue, I for indigo and V for violet.




"Sunlight travels fast, so fast you can't see all the colors, oh no, you can't see them all,'" said ROY. "But rain drops slow the sunlight down, slowes it down so you can see all the colors."



"It made me crash, crash hard, right into a big fat raindrop," said ROY.




 "Then splat! That big fat raindrop fell fast, fell fast into the deep dark black crack."




 "Look, it's working! It's working! I'm rising up and up!" yelled Roy.














              "WHEN I WAS FUNNY"





                     Longsleeved pants





                      Meat on a pen





                       Raining bats and hogs







                               "HOLD ON"

                      There is lighting. There is thunder.

          There is a scary yellow light at the edge of this night.

                           Cassandra closed her eyes,

              held her breath and snatched Changeling up.

                          scared into happy

       "I still want to know what you are," giggled Cassandra.


                “Then hold on,” Changeling said glaring.

                           "Ouch! You pricked me!"


                                   Mad into sad.

                   "Now will you finally tell me what you are?"

                                 “You live in me?”

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