About the Artist


I studied art at the Chicago Academy of Art and Contra Costa College in California. But my art education really started as a child, when my brother brought home a comic book. The graphic illustrations tied to a story line hooked me for life.

I was born in Chicago then moved to various areas of California and Florida. I now reside in the foothills of northern Georgia. Living in both the city and the country has given me an appreciation for each, which is reflected in my work with shiny and natural images.

The driving force for me is the fun of discovering ways to interpret what's imagined into visual language. I like to think that I'm leaving physical markers for my thoughts by turning them into images. Art is the vehicle that allows me to express what I see and feel while I marvel at the wonder of it all.

While I do provide some explanation for my work you should feel free to interpret them as you see fit. So go ahead, ponder my images and make up your own stories.

Thank You,
Stephanie Olsen
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